Slight vibration in gas pedal
8. When the car is in gear there is a vibration through the accelerator pedal. This rotor unevenness can make your brake pads grab unevenly or, without warning, making the brake pedal and steering wheel shake. 3, The tire store had all the tires re balanced but the vibration remained. I am noticing a slight vibration in my steering wheel and gas pedal. Some can be felt through the steering wheel, others through the brake pedal or gas pedal, others through the floorboard or seat. Feb 22, 2011 · Camry :: 2010 Toyota SE - Vibration In The Steering Wheel / Seats And Gas Pedal. my first impression of this problem would beyour gas pedal is shaking because your vibrating because your engine is shaking/vibrating really hard, could be related to the msd wires/plugs, maybe regapping your plugs would helpyou could try that and then make sure your really plug those wires down both on the coil, and on the plug, did you grease the plugs also for a better connection? Jul 22, 2009 · When driving at 3500 rpm you can feel a slight vibration through the gas pedal. This wasn't there on previous Tacomas I've owned before 2016. This is only occurring when torque is applied (not in neutral) and it seems to be occurring in the front of the vehicle, possibly towards the bottom. Goodluck Jan 03, 2008 · The only thing is the annoying grinding feeling at the gas pedal. There are hundreds of reasons for vibrations to occure at the pedals. The same problem also creates a pulsating in the brake pedal. Mar 08, 2017 · Hello, I know this may have been discussed earlier. 5 L less oil than the manual stated or something weird like that) Transmissions can sometimes send vibrations through the car at a stop when they start to get old / fluid is a little low / fluid is a little high It has been months since I first felt a vibration through the gas pedal. The vibration was mostly non existent I'm very persistent, I'll get the issue resolved eventually, right now its to damn cold out, 10 deg. Vibration. I'm concerned there's some bearing distortion or engine shaft vibration. At first, they told me it was likely normal because another Sport they test-drove had the same issue. It first started with a odd sporadic vibration in my gas pedal at about 45-50 mph. It sounds like a wicked tire noise. Just barely pressing and I get a buzzing vibration. 2, 5 months ago I had 4 new tires put on. The diaphragm spring controls the amount of pressure applied to the pressure plate and clutch disc, and seats them against the flywheel. 08 cts Joined Sep 2, 2011 · 2 Posts Jan 12, 2012 · Roadie, is this vibration felt in the pedal? After installation of my ported throttle body, I have a very noticeable pedal/engine vibration at exactly 1000 rpms, it only occurs either in drive from a dead stop or ever so slightly in reverse also at 1000 rpms. It may start out aligned with the stem but if the tire slips they can be come misaligned creating vibrations. Took it to the dealer last week they did not find anything wrong. the vibration is not consistant. If you notice the steering wheel vibrating or can feel it in the gas pedal   29 Apr 2019 I am getting this vibration at the gas pedal every time i step on the gas pedal. 40mph (aro. In the second, the car shakes hard when the brakes are applied; the problem is with the brake rotors. It is most noticeable right after trans drops into OD gear when accelerating normally. . It fixed the lagging from the bad plugs but it could be a different problem. Apr 11, 2020 · So, driving at typical city speeds, 30-50mph, I can feel a very slight grinding sensation thru the gas pedal. can warp slightly, and this can cause a pulsation through the brake pedal while braking. my biggest issue is a vibration/buzz type of feeling thru the gas and brake pedal's,they are adjustable pedal's. It's not a severe vibration or anything it's kind of like a buzz. Learn the most common reasons behind car vibration issues, their causes and how to fix them. Jul 11, 2019 · Iv been feeling the vibration on the floorboard, gas pedal and break pedal. the twentyfive miles were fine, but once i had the retorque, whenever i turn the steering wheel EXACTLY to the right, i feel a vibration in my gas pedal, and a slight auditorial sound that oscillates. In some cases the vibration can be felt at the steering wheel and/or the accelerator pedal. It wasn’t until I rode in the passenger seat for the first time that I noticed that it was in the floorboard as well. Acceleration Vibration. R. Hi I have a 2014 Toyota Camry that’s been shaken in the gas pedal, worse at around 40mph. I May 25, 2011 · Some Ford 2008-2009 Edge and MKX vehicles (regardless of build date) and Lincoln MKZ vehicles (built between 9-1-07 and 7-31-08) may exhibit a vibration under acceleration, or while driving between the 1800-2200 RPM range. It is an electronic accelerator pedal, not mechanicalcould also be a momentary dip in the line voltage due to the draw on the electronics when the locking mechanism is activated. Looks like GM cheaped out again. But it's not completely gone. It seems like it is electrical. Returned to dealer and spoke with service manager. If the vibration occurs during normal driving whether you're accelerating or coasting, it could be caused by the tires or the alignment. If you rev the engine with the trans in park it was smooth as butter all the way through the rev range. 7L Double Cab Tundra with TRD package about three weeks ago. I sometimes feel some vibration in the wheel and gas pedal, but I mostly just hear a "friction" type of noise. Tires are in good shape theynare motomaster m+s . The gas pedals in most modern cars connects to the engine via a cable, which rides inside of a sheath mounted to the throttle bracket. It is like a knocking/clunking noise that I first thought was the sway bar link hitting the spring. Nov 02, 2018 · One other thing to check, it's possible for tire to slip on their bead after being mounted and balanced, this can happen if there was too much lubricant used when mounting the tire. There is a slight vibration in the gas and break peddle. The material that the gas pedal is made of has one Hell of a resonance to certain vibrations. My personal mechanic says take it to Honda to get Engine Mounts checked. I don't feel any "growl" on the pedal nor on the steering wheel. I just picked up a '10 qc sport with 27,000 miles and it has a slight vibration or grinding in the gas pedal too. Unbalanced tires could be another source of shaking. Ive just changed my spark plugs right before this happened. Hey guys, Truck is 2007. My car is at 25k miles and it's the first time I've had an alignment. I just turned 1000 miles and am starting to notice some vibration/noise in the gas pedal, steering wheel, and floorboard. Anyways, last night on the way home, I noticed what felt like a slight vibration through the gas pedal when you give it a good amount of gas. If your vehicle doesn’t seem to have enough juice, your battery or alternator may be on the fritz. Mar 29, 2006 · Look Out For Runout Just because you can't feel a lot of free play or "wobble" in a wheel doesn't mean there isn't enough to cause vibration. The vibration from the engine causes the accelerator cable or linkage to vibrate and the vibration can be felt in the gas pedal. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. If this is the case, changing the warped brake rotors will solve the shaking problem. Feb 19, 2013 · This vibration can also be felt through your brake pedal. When it makes this noise, there is also a slight vibration in the brake pedal. Penguinking: Transmission (AT Aug 26, 2010 · Your question: "I have brand new 2013 honda Odyssey. What could be causing a vibration through the accelerator pedal. You could go to the dealership and test drive a hybrid and see if it feels the same. 4 Jul 2016 For the gas pedal - it feels almost like “feedback” from the engine. This truck looks new and had the pinion recall done. I feel a slight vibration, buzzing like, at certain rpms or with the AC on through the steering wheel and the gas pedal. Any ideas? At the same time a message appeared indicating low engine oil pressure so I immediately had the oil change. Mar 03, 2016 · I noticed last week that when the car reaches 70-80 MPH on the freeway that there is a slight vibration at the floor boards/gas pedal and seat. when the vibration is very noticable, the passenger airbag on/off indicator light flickers with the vibration. This is when I start to feel, in the gas pedal and floor, a rotating/grinding, and you can actually hear it sometimes when there is low road noise. It happens every time, as I use the same road each day, for 6 months now. In addition to vibration coming directly from the engine, there is also vibration transmitted from the transmission throttle cable to the accelerator cable or linkage. Of course this only happens when in the 2200-2300 rpm rang. Sep 14, 2016 · It is often very challenging to diagnose vibrations in a vehicle. From what you describe, it doesn't sound out of the ordinary. etc. Feel slight vibration in steering wheel and at gas pedal. Jul 10, 2003 · It tends to go away after the car's warmed up. Next time you feel the vibration, gently place your left foot on the brake pedal to see if you feel the same vibration through the brake pedal too. At 70 mph the gas pedal buzz would tickle my foot, and was just becoming audible. The tires have only 5k miles on them, I told them that the noise is not constant so how could it possibly be tires. According to common lore, a warped rotor is the usual cause for pedal pulsation or vibration in the car or steering wheel motorists experience during braking but,   22 Oct 2016 Hey viewers, if you feel vibrations in your car when accelerating and new one you slightly touched it you just give it the same amount of pressure mine is when i accelerate. I asked the to look at that they will look at alignment, balance wheels. Issues such as air in the lines, failing calipers or wheel cylinders, or a weak flex line can feel soft when you hit the pedal. It has been there since day one. I replaced the tires last week and had an alignment but the sound is still strong. It came with stock Dunlop Sport Max GT tyres (F 275/35/R19 and R 245/40/R19) Jan 26, 2019 · If you're hearing the pump running and the brake pedal is kicking back only on turns I recommend you check a couple of things. I did that and it did not work. Jul 11, 2017 · This symptom can also be caused by something internal in the transmission and possibly the engine too. It happens consistently at 80 and 120 km/hr. I got it going to the same speed downhill and shifted into neutral, seemed to still be there but not as pronounced. It will get very bad the faster you go, and you will also smell a burning odor when you stop. It is usually at 2 RPM's. I had two sets of tires and wheels on mine and still have a slight vibration in the gas pedal at times, low rpm and around 30-50 mph. The Nissan dealership performed an induction service which cleans the injectors, piston rings, plugs, combustion chamber, etc. It happens at about 10mph right before the car shifts to the second gear. You can really notice it when you lift fit off the pedal and put it back and feel the vibration while driving. For Example: If I am driving down a road I have a 2003 530i with 100k, the front end has a humming noise and slight vibration through the gas pedal. Aug 19, 2015 · It will have a slight vibration especially noticeable at idle but still very slight. Upon braking, there is no noticeable shake or vibration in the steering wheel. It will initiate this self-test for every key on cycle and might occur after an ABS event. but I've noticed that there is a small amount of a feeling in the gas pedal when driving. Sep 12, 2009 · Once I start going above 45MPH/60KpH I see the gas pedal vibrations RPM is always between 1. Another common symptom of an exhaust leak is a vibration sensation. I can feel it when I press the gas pedal sometimes. the brake pedal or gas pedal, others through the floorboard or seat. However, the chirping Still Remains. As the surfaces of rotors wear down over time they become uneven. If I push the pedal down a little more, causing the rpm's to go up slightly, the vibration goes away. I'm a bit worried as never had this problem with any other car, these Astra H's seem weak in mechanical terms. As far as I can tell, this does not happen when the vehicle is moving and I am braking. I'm feeling a low intensity, subtle vibration through the steering wheel. 0L Turbo Powertrain (EJ Series Factory 2. Engine speed sensitive: The vibration is related to engine rpm and nothing else (not vehicle speed or driving conditions). When I'm coasting, I'll give it some slight acceleration to maintain speed, and so I'm basically feathering the gas pedal. Warped brake rotors cause vibration at low speeds. I took it into the dealer multiple times. It is in the steering wheel and also felt in the gas pedal. Also I’ve noticed if I just barely push the gas pedal at times, the car will vibrate and I’ll hear a slight hum and will act like it’s not getting enough fuel/power. If i let go of the gas peddle the vibration goes away and its smooth. If I accelerate fast I do not get a vibration. Gas Pedal transmits an excessive amount of road feel. Still getting vibration in the gas pedal and the steering wheel at 65 mph. Jun 23, 2014 · However, while the car drives perfectly straight (no pulling at all) there is a slight vibration in the gas pedal. INFO ON MY CAR: Oct 30, 2019 · I regularly do 100 mile plus journeys in my 330d 65 plate and have started to notice a slight vibration through the gas pedal. The gas pedal feels like it's vibrating or like a slight grind. Tires that are out  22 Apr 2020 While racing I felt the gas pedal vibrating when the car oversteered! Tested the brakes and it vibrates when the front tires are locking up. If I cancel cruise or hit the brakes the noise/vibration goes away also If I then resume cruise or accelerate the noise/vibration comes back. What would be helpful here is details. When I accelarate my 04 Frontier and my auto transmission shifts, I feel a slight vibration on the gas pedal. Dr J Cumminz likes this. Check with a mechanic to be sure. The gas pedal, steering wheel, and floorboard have a vibration (felt, not seen) at around 2000 rpm. One way to check for mount problems is to shift from "neutral" to "drive" and back, while the engine is running and stationary of course. Re: Twinge in Gas Pedal on Auto-Door Lock 1. I also had it where the car would kind of hop alittle as i slowed down to a light. I have had it into the dealer a number of times and they can't find it and now say that they can not feel it. I still need to d So while driving, it seems that the vibration comes from the steering wheel but also (to a lesser extrent) the seat as well. Took it to dealership and they said they dont feel anything. The vibration/hum you could start to feel and hear around 45mph and it was it's loudest at 65mph. When I start driving, the gas pedal feels completely smooth. The first thing to determine is whether the vibration is proportional to the speed of the car of the engine. They said i had rust build-up on threads on the strut knuckles, and to take a 25mi drive and come back for a retorque. On numerous occasions when trying to accelerate the car will lose power to the point it almost fills as if it will shut off. i am away holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks. I've had wheels checked, balance, aligned, rotated. Mar 19, 2007 · So far so good, however, when I am cruising at low RPM, around 1500, less than 20MPH and try to give it a bit of gas, I can hear the engine is making some growling noise. Gas Pedal/Break Vibration Running a 2013 3. It is annoying as hell! The 1st Gen VK used to have a vibration issue when the oil pan was overflowing (something like you had to add 0. Not all the time sometimes a Lil more on turns less when it's cold What have I done so far ? Replaced both wheel hubs went with moog did upper and lower ball joints moog did sway bar links moog Replaced both cv shafts And did the rear u joint moog I still have the vibration! Aug 09, 2011 · i think i know how to explain what sort of vibration throu the gas pedal, imagine you hit an object with a tuning fork, you'd getting buzzing vibration, it's like that. My problem is a vibration I feel through the gas pedal when going over rough roads, I do not feel it on highways and it is mainly at slow speeds. feels like driving over rubble strips, without the noise at times. The gas pedal vibration happens similar to hellsbellsidaho's situation, above 20mph and whether the car is in neutral or drive. Mar 15, 2011 · If I feather the gas just to maintain that speed, when I go to reapply the gas pedal its a slight vibration. With a high speed vibration and if the motor is running fine other than the vibrations (no miss. I do hear a humming and slight vibration on the gas pedal as well. May 12, 2011 · Certified Honda Mechanic says he can only feel slight vibration due to wearing safety shoes during test drive and it is normal. Sep 27, 2013 · Got the car back, and the violent steering wheel vibrations caused by needing a wheel balance were gone, but what remained was a slight vibration in the steering wheel, and now gas pedal. Forgot about it until I drove another Tundra and felt the same buzz. At 42-56 mph, if you take it out of OD, the vibration stops, leading me to believe it is not tires (almost new), wheel bearings, axles, diffs or drive shafts. You might also notice this clunk as you step on the gas or let off on the gas pedal. 2. It's most noticeable in the 1500 to 2000 rpm range and can be felt the most through the gas pedal while cruising at steady highway speeds or very light load on the engine. Engine problems typically mean it isn’t getting enough fuel, air or it isn’t properly charging. Typically occurs when pulling into a parking spot, out of lot at slow speeds, and when reversing with wheel turned. It gets louder as I accelerate and is very loud on the highway. 4 has recently picked up a slight, quick, vibration on the accelerator pedal when I depress the accelerator the first half inch. It’s really bad in the pedal. Thanks Corey Sep 02, 2011 · gas pedal and auto shifter vibration. My cars stopping time or pressure applied to pedal didnt change though. What could cos thi. It is more of a "buzzing" feeling and is much more pronounced in the gas pedal than anywhere else. " This answer is applicable for many BMWs in addition to the one listed below. It doesn't happen all the time, but definitely seems more likely when I'm driving on an uneven road or hit a slight bump. This truck looks new and had the  Vibration - I just purchased a 2007 4. It's annoying, but not going away anytime soon As long as this CAFE law exists, manufacture are forced to find ways to up the mpgs of these 1/2ton trucks. Hi there! I currently own a 2003 Mazda6i that is well-maintained and has around 131,000 miles on it. I was hoping after 10,000 miles it Vibration felt on the gas pedal and steering wheel of my 2003 Mazda6i 4 Answers. Vibration is not dependent on speed, but engine RPM. Hi everyone, Recently I've been experiencing vibration in my steering wheel and gas pedal while driving. The vibration would be the same as a subwoofer vibration or something to that nature. I get a slight buzz in my gas pedal right around 1800 rpm. i have a 2006 f150 xlt 4x4 w/5. Now add to the 2016 a strong buzzing vibration that transmits through the steering wheel and gas pedal on acceleration. Just got a used 2016 leaf. Thanks for any help. soooo I just got my truck back up an running from doing head gaskets. I don't know if you have looked at your gas pedal, but it is made entirely of plastic. Mar 25, 2012 · I have notice a rather high frequency vibration -- like a cell phone vibration -- in my gas pedal at times. Often times tires will have a red dot indicating the high point of the tire, this dot should be aligned with the valve stem. It is not like a vibration but more a grinding sensation. My '97 5. This does not occur again on subsequent stops and goes. Any ideas? There's like a slight vibration coming from the gas pedal under light throttle conditions. Over 70mph the vibration through the pedal makes the car quite uncomfortable to drive. This TSB gives me something to go on when I schedule an appointment. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. 5 Dealer Tech has reproduced this problem but saying this is completely NORMAL and acannot do anything as ALL PATHFINDERS HAVE THIS ISSUE Pls advise If there is a sr Nissan Tech out there pls explain why Dealer consider this is Normal The vibration comes from the brake pads applying pressure unevenly across the brake rotor surface. Apr 16, 2012 · My car is a 2006 acura rsx. And it shifts fine. The vibration comes and goes and you can here a noise when I feel the vibration. its  21 Feb 2019 Automotive Steering Wheel and Brake Pedal Shaking Engine vibrations resonate throughout the entire vehicle and may result in power loss, This bounce may also be accompanied by a slight muffling of the engine's normal sound. Apparently, the metal A/C lines were "tweaked" and once the engine was lowered into position and secured, normal engine vibration was transmitted through the hose which set up a resonance in the hood and firewall. This would stop the vibration for the moment, even if I touched the brake or gas pedal so lightly that the vehicle would remain in cruise control. Have a good tire place check it out. It may be a vibration resonating through the pedal mounts and not be associated with the accelerator at all. Right now I've got a vibration/hum in the gas pedal that is only occurring when I accelerate. It seems to be most noticeable but not limited to speeds between 35 and 65 mph. The harmonic “pulses” about 100x per minute, if that helps. When you press the gas pedal, the cable moves inside of its sleeve and pulls the throttle blade open. When towing a 1000 lbs trailer the harmonic/vibration is magnified. I brought the car to NTB for an alignment, balance, and tire rotation. The tire store drove the car and thought that it was the drive shaft. According to common lore, a warped rotor is the usual cause for pedal pulsation or vibration in the car or steering wheel motorists experience during braking but, in the cases that are related to the brake system sometimes caused by worn suspension components, the cause for vibration and pedal pulsation is the variation in thickness of the rotor, and not an actual “warp” of the rotor. Can't feel it with cruise on. I agree its not the tires. Jan 06, 2017 · This is driving me nuts because I am not sure if it is normal or not, but I feel some slight vibration in the gas pedal while I am driving my new Gen 2 Raptor. 2K later I am frustrated and tired of visiting the dealer! Was there a resolution in your case? Re: Vibration- 2003 Ram 2500 SLT « Reply #11 on: December 04, 2009, 07:59:01 pm » you should still be able to check the codes without the scanner by useing the key trick, turn key to on (not start) 3 times and the codes if any will display on the dash Hi all, I have about 1800 miles on my 2016 premium and I have noticed since about 1000 miles a vibration that comes from my gas pedal. But its there still. They had 2 mechanic drove it and both saying the same thing. All tires are new and balanced. Jul 23, 2019 · 1 – Spongy Brake Pedal . Just loosen the two bolts and slide in a couple of alignment shims. If the vibration is present, it should be easy to find,otherwise, it may take a while. High speed vibration 100 km and above (60 mph +) can feel the vibration in seat, steering wheel, gas pedal, brake pedal, dash, floor. That usually happens on older cars with 120,000 miles. I can make it go away if I start to accelerate or if I take my foot off the pedal. I have a 2011 Laredo and while driving under light acceleration I get a vibration around 40 mph and about 2k rpm and then it'll go away and come back at highway speeds. When braking to slow down, it does not vibrate. Inspect all pick-up rings if this is the type of system that has the rings on the axles, also inspect all connectors for any corrosion at the terminals and the wire harness for any abnormalities. However on a long journey the vibration is so annoying it leaves you with an aching right foot and pins and needles. I started noticing a slight vibration when turning the wheel. Usually if you have a speed sensitive vibration, as described, it is a tire problem. Gas Pedal Vibrations. It is not always at the same speed/rpm but it start in the 40-50mph (1200-1800rpms) area. 8 Genesis with 1500 miles on it and started to feel slight vibration on the brakes as if something is brushing against it. I dont know whether it is due the steering wheel issue or some thing else. Allignment, new tires, tire rotation, and balancing does not Hi prob #1 yes this could be in the exhaust a exhaust valve or even convertor comeing a part hammer on the convertors listen for things rattleing inside. It's not a tire balance issue as it's a completely different feel. There can sometimes be a little vibration on takeoff due to the diesel engine too. You also uncovered some of the reasons a motor can 1, The truck had a small vibration at 52 - 54 MPH. 5 with a 10 speed Trans, the truck has less then 2000 miles on it and whey the trucks hits 50-60 mph it develops a harmonic/vibration that goes away when you let off of the gas pedal. Has anyone else had this problem? I don't want to bring it back since the dealership said the car is "perfect", but then again, I want my brand First Post, (1999 Yukon 4 door 200k old body style). Recently I was driving, the temp. 4 in the back. My mirrors even shake, they replaced them but it didn't take care of the problem. Over 50mph the vibration disapear again. It would go away if you turned slight left but it would get louder by turning slight right. The vibration changed from 52 - 54 to when accelerating at start and again between 55 - 70 MPH. There is a slight vibration or flutter felt in the gas pedal and steering between 20 and 25 miles per hour during slight to moderate acceleration or going uphill. That evening noticed significant vibration in steering wheel and gas pedal. Jul 20, 2012 · 1. They seem to not be able to find the cause. It generally only happens at very light <2000rpm throttle pressure when driving around town. If i put very slight pressure on the gas pedal it smooths out. Mine has a very slight vibration/shutter at Jumped in the H3 today to run some errands and noticed a "new" vibration. Just bugs me because I *know* the slight vibration wasn't there before. It is always presenting even at idle, especially can be noticed when the car revo up to 1500rpm, and smooth a Shuddering usually between 25-40 mph when slightly depressing gas pedal, cruising or slightly accelerating. I had a slight buzz in the gas pedal and floor around 50-60mph. I would also check the condition of the harmonic balancer and the CV joints. This only occurs at speeds of 35-40 mph, at least from what I can tell. I have noticed a slight vibration in the footwell of my Crosstrek, more of a rough, gravel-like feeling, in the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal. If it moves you have a suspect tie rod. However when I go to apply the gas again to just maintain lets say a speed of 35mph I will get this constant slight vibration. And it seems to vibrate most severly when driving in 4th gear under 3k rpm. And in park or nutral it runs great and smooth with gas. 110" of Feb 21, 2019 · In this article, you discovered many of the causes of shaking or vibrating in the steering wheel, brake pedal, engine, or the entire vehicle. I can also kind of hear it aswell. (2)The cable or linkage vibrations are transmitted to the accelerator pedal, causing it to vibrate. The vibrations are also present while driving if i drop the car in neutral. Then you'll know if there is an issue with your car. Once I hit 20 mph or more, I feel a slight vibration on the gas pedal. At around 1200-1500 RPMS, the motor runs at its resonance frequency which causes vibrations that can be felt in the entire car, it is felt on the floor, brake pedal (rest foot do not apply) and the gas. Aug 01, 2005 · After I start the MDX and put it in drive, a few seconds later, I feel a slight click/vibration feedback and a clunking noise through the gas pedal. It is a plastic pedal attached to an electronic box under the dash. I have a new 2013 CMRW that has the vibrating gas pedal. The moment 4th gear hits and rpm drops it just vanishesliterally just Hey everyone , just got my 2018 scat and I'm getting a slight vibration when accelerating at cruising speed, it feels as if the transmission is in too high of gear and is struggling , of course the dealer said no codes were found and couldn't find any problems after doing multiple tests . If the pedal is ‘vibrating’ than the vibration would be emanating from the pedal assembly itself. Have any of you felt a very slight buzziness or vibration when accelerating on drivers floor board? This slight buzziness or slight vibration is felt from acceleration til 4th gear then goes away. Under normal circumstances, vibration in the engine will  2 Feb 2017 Vibration felt through the floorboard can be due to tire imbalance, tire defects, or excessive radial force variation, on rear axle mounted tires. The box turns the pedal into an electronic signal. More of a vibration shakenot like a death wobble shake. There are all different kinds of vibrations that can occur in your vehicle. rikdrok · Registered. Now it's this slight vibration through the gas pedal throughout the drive with the AC on. This is If you're interested in your car getting better gas mileage, visit  12 May 2016 May 12, 2016 - The most likely reason that you feel vibrations through the brake pedal is because a rotor is unevenly worn, or what some call  evaluates the effects of a vibrotactile (or haptic) accelerator pedal on car driving The aim of this current paper was not to define or review optimal vibration  10 Jul 2013 I just picked up a '10 qc sport with 27,000 miles and it has a slight vibration or grinding in the gas pedal too. Vibrations could be present even when your car is idling or revving at a standstill. Any ideas would be great. The gas pedal would be picking up engine vibrations. The truck is not vibrating its just the gas pedal. i have a few issue's with this truck. Jan 02, 2009 · Vibration in the accel pedal based on speed is usually a sign of an off balance tire (or 2, 3 or 4 tires!) if it's that slight and only at those speeds, the weight is off just slightly, and hits a bit of resonance at those speeds. truck runs and drives just fine, but now at mid to wide open throttle theres a vibration in my gas pedal, its not major but enough to notice. 10 Oct 2018 So suddenly your car has a vibration that wasn't there last week. When I step on the gas (I have a BMW e46 zhp) it makes a knocking sound, and feel, where the cup holders are and it shakes like crazy. It's a rough feeling that I feel through the pedal, like a “massager” almost, . I have a NEW (purchased May 18th) 2012 Honda Accord. Does this make any sense to anyone? I noticed that last monday I had hit a pot hole which bent my left front wheel. Hi guys, got a question. A few seconds later, there is another such feedback through the gas pedal. I have the most annoying vibration in the steering wheel, seats, gas pedal. 4lit,15000miles. Anyone else notice the same thing? I have a 2012 Limited 4X4 3. After having my sister sit in the driver seat and turn the steering wheel, I determined that it was solely the steering system that was resulting in this clunk. Everything was fine Until I put the intercooler piping on. slight vibration or jerkiness when letting off gas pedal ('09-'13) Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 1 of 1 Posts. The issue is not consistent hence difficult to reproduce. I called the Acura dealership and my vehicle did not have a recall for a Powertrain Control Module (PCM) software update to resolve issue. I can feel the vibrations even if i rest my foot on the accelerator while coasting down a hill. It's not present all the time though. If the diaphragm spring is damaged or broken, this causes the clutch plate to engage the flywheel unevenly when applied or released, which in turn causes vibration and pulsation of the clutch pedal. The engine is running excellent I feel a vibration in the gas pedal. I dont feel it at low speeds(25 miles) and the grinding is worse between 60-70 miles. I think they might have twisted or turned the end of the throttle cable to get it to line up with the throttle body linkage when they reconnected it causing the cable to have torque in it like a wound up spring. May 20, 2013 · Pedal vibration I am getting a slight vibration in the gas pedal around 1500-2000rpm. Brought it to dealer 2 times and they could not find anything wrong and suggested an alignment. It is often very challenging to diagnose vibrations in a vehicle. It There's zero wrong mechanically with the slight vibration, or drone. Apr 29, 2016 · I have pics also *Problem: 1) low hum on front end while going straight 2) slight vibration in the gas pedal 3) when I turn wheel to the right or swerve right -hum goes away 4) turn left or swerve left -sound is still there. Is any one out there experiencing a slight vibration when coasting in there van? (I can both hear it and feel it. Jul 10, 2013 · Hi all, first post. The drive shaft has in excess of . Symptoms have progressively gotten worse over the last few months. The vibration is constant and slight and only slightly increases as speed increases. Hope this helps! KB Dec 20, 2007 · lots of things, maybe an imbalance in the engine suggesting wear, bad air/fuel mix leading to pre-ignition, steering wear in the column bearing and or tyre wear but i think most likely is engine After 2 trips to the dealer they were able to confirm and fix the problemright front wheel bearing. It’s effectively an isolated component, except by wiring, from any other systems. The vibration happens only when the transmission is in gear and the truck is moving. It’s a common rule that cars should run smoothly on a flat road, at any speed. Most apparent when coming up to speed on the highway or slight acceleration at highway speeds (>60 mph), engine revving between 2k to 3k rpm. Took care of my problem. 5 Mega Cab Rear Wheel Drive 2500. Shuddering stops when letting off the gas pedal or by de-pressing to accelerate quickly. any more or less rpm and its smooth . Also the vibration will stop once I left off the gas and the car will coast smoothly. As the hazardous fumes escape  21 Feb 2013 Can you feel it on the steering wheel, brake pedal or seat? The 5 common culprits that cause your car to vibrate are: Tyres & wheels. Any idea what would cause a vibration at around 1200-1300 rpm at a speed of about 35-40mph? If I'm crusing along at around 35mph and have my foot lightly pressing down on the gas pedal I notice a slight vibration in the 1200-1300rpm range. Has 221000 miles, never had a major problem, have done all maintenance like clockwork since I bought it used 4 years ago. But as soon as I ever so gently touch the gas pedalit goes away. My 2005 Sienna vibrates quite a bit when the gas pedal is pressed, and it is quiet when the gas pedal is left off. it is noticeable on short journeys of a few miles, but is tolerable. During normal driving. Sister said she felt some vibration in the floor on passenger side as well. I recently installed ICON coilovers and got about 2" of lift. Your best bet is to see if your local mechanic can find the problem. In my new truck, I started noticing a vibration in the gas (diesel) pedal. Also check all exhaust shields they rust out and get loose. This is a normal condition for Active Fuel Management System equipped vehicles and no repairs should be attempted. *how to diagnose- 1) jack both wheels into the air where you can spin the wheels. Between about 450 miles and 800 miles on my odometer my gas pedal would follow the engine thru the range with high frequency vibration as the truck shifted. More engine torque means more engine I am new to this forum and love the info that is available. I have a 500 cabrio lounge and am experiencing the same thing ( a vibration through gas pedal and can feel it when sitting still also) , it is a 2012 model. Thank you for this response. Some drivers may also notice a very slight vibration in either the accelerator pedal, floor pan, and/or the steering wheel. I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado LS with the 5. 3L V8, 2WD. Here is the problem, I first noticed this past weekend while towing a heavy load that it was vibrating/shuddering Vibration only during acceleration is a classic symptom of bad axles. I have a 2005 Colorado crew cab 4x4 :shrug: Since then, the wife hasn t wanted to drive the Sonata for a few weeks. In short the message states that all 2008-2009 Escape/Mariner vehicles excluding the Hybrid may exhibit a slight vibration in the gas pedal at 12mph (20kmh) and/or 42 mph (70kmh) while the abs module initiates a self-test. Then it became a common vibration that has a rhythm to it. Check the drivers side intercooler tube rubbing on the power brake booster. After starting the car there is a small vibration at 16-18 mph which I feel slightly in the gas pedal. I ended up putting a couple of shims between the center support of the driveshaft and the frame. It is always presenting even at idle, especially can be noticed when the car revo up to 1500rpm, and smooth a while around 2000rpm, then vibrates again from 2500 onwards. w/ the engine/transmission now at 7K miles and no change but i don't really even notice it anymore. The vibration would occur at 40 mph & continue if in cruise control. was 22 deg. Purchased 2016 Rogue SV with 82 miles. Nov 13, 2009 · I have no "thumping" noise, just a vibration that can be felt in the floor, steering wheel and gas pedal. Those are the most likely. Does your gas pedal shake when you push on it? Or does your whole car rattle as you accelerate? This is a strong indication of an  When you press the gas pedal, the cable moves inside of its sleeve and pulls the throttle blade open. 6L. Mar 13, 2013 · Since then, the wife hasn’t wanted to drive the Sonata for a few weeks. Mar 28, 2012 · I wouldn't say the vibration is violent but you can feel it through the seats and body of the car, don't really feel anything in the steering or handling. You can't feel the vibe with >the clutch disengaged because the engine is no longer under load - you did say >it only occurs under heavy acceleration. The only real way to "fix" it is to disable MDS completely. -new u joints front to back, new wheel bearings, tune up done, new shocks, leaf spring re arched, transmission fluid and filter changed, 4 new tires, wheel allignemnt and new rack new brakes So I been noticing that when I begin to accelerate from a dead stop I feel a slight vibration from my jeep. Yep it's most likely power train vibration. A wheel and tire assembly that is out of round will have a specific harmonic frequency as it spins, depending on how many bends it has, the severity of the bends, the degree of tire wear , and other factors. - Chevrolet 2000 Silverado 1500 question I feel a buzz in the gas pedal in my '18 TRD Sport. Some times it doesn’t. Usually happens when starting off on a grade or slowing for a turn then pushing the gas pedal. I even tried shutting off the engine while going 60mph on a backroad and the vibration still exists (car was obviously in neutral when I shut the engine off). It happened in every gear right at 2100-2200 rpm. A slight "tick" or "buzz" and it isn't Feb 02, 2012 · A few days ago I began to feel and hear a vibration with grinding or rotating noise when cruising around 40 MPH. If I hit an undulation in the road (not a bump) that puts extra pressure on the tires/suspension/bearings, the "friction" noise is slightly louder. In my old cars alignment problems show up at the stirring wheel where you noticed the vibrations. As soon as I take my foot off the gas pedal the sensation mostly goes away. The symptom appears or changes in direct proportion to engine rpm in any gear. Nov 17, 2005 · Anyone experience slight vibration in pedal and floor under accleration? Just bought a 06' SE 4X4 V8 3 weeks ago. Mediavine. Might also be road noise depending on what tires you have. Recently, I have been feeling vibrations on the steering wheel as well as the gas pedal of my car A month a ago, I noticed a slight vibration almost feels like a hum in the gas pedal. I can feel it with my foot more than I can hear it. 1200-1300rpms) and with slight acceleration the vibration occur. It's a larger diameter and is close and maybe be rubbing on the fuel line If i mash the pedal (stock) tune and let off the gas the pedal vibrates makes a stuttering flutter noise. Have taken it to several places, including a Toyota dealer. first thing when we get back home, i will take the car back to the ford garage. I’ve taken it to the tire shop and had it balanced and rotated and the back brakes done. A lot of floorboard, accel pedal vibes originate here. It seems to be resonating from the floor/gas pedal. It is not all the time or at a specific speed. Slight vibration in gas pedal felt during normal shifting. Justin Mar 15, 2012 · There is a slight vibration or flutter felt in the gas pedal and steering between 20 and 25 miles per hour during slight to moderate acceleration or going uphill. The vibration would stop when I LIGHTLY touched the brake or the gas pedal. This would IMO indicate a trans problem. The car also shudders and feels like it chugging or wobbling along, as if the road it lumpy. I have noticed that if I push gas pedal while turning the corner, especially if starting to go uphill, there is significant vibration felt in the gas pedal. Feedback would be greatly appreciated to those who have similar problem and have fixed the issue. 5 to 2. I began to feel a slight vibration in my brake pedal while braking. In the first video, there is not only bad shaking from an unbalanced tire, but also a wheel-bearing noise that is louder when the steering wheel is turned to one side. This is not a comprehensive video on this subject but its bound to help a ton of people. A month a ago, I noticed a slight vibration almost feels like a hum in the gas pedal. The problem is as follows: when driving in stop and go traffic, at some point I can feel some slight (most passengers are not able to feel them) vibrations in the cabin, accompanied by a "scratchy" feeling in the gas pedal (like scratching something made of metal I believe - the frequency of this is about 1 scratch/second) and a feeling of "something rotating" (I suppose it's synced with the engine's rpm) when I press the clutch pedal. This doesn't bother me so much at urban speeds (since 3500 rpm is only a short phase when accelerating) but in the motorways it's a bit annoying, since the motorway speeds (~120-130kph) are usually just about at 3500 rpm when driving at 5th gear. Aug 17, 2018 · The Ways to Fix Engine Vibration Problems; The Reasons for Steering Wheel Shakes at Low Speed. The vibration and shaking you feel from this problem will often happen when you brake at highway speeds. This just started after wheeling this weekend, and can't seem to figure out what's causing it. So I replaced all FOUR rotors and all FOUR sets of pads, and the vibration is still there? Just before I felt the difference in my brake pedal I had my car lowered, 1in in the front and 1. $ brand new tires. May 21, 2019 · Vibrations in your car don't always come from tire problems. It was slight at first but rather consistent while at any cruise speed when I am only trying to maintain speed (high and low 70mph and 25mph). Your brake pedal should be firm and the brakes should feel solid and apply gradually. Seems more around 58mph or in the area and comes and goes. Have taken it to dealer and they are trying to determine cause but as of yet nothing. It seems to be coming from something in the front end but not sure where. This is felt in the pedal and floorboards now. The accelerator pedal is a ‘drive by wire’ device. The vibration on the gas pedal is difficult to describe, it's like a roughness that you feel at certain revs, seems a little worse under load but it's always there. Any ideas? Gas Pedal feeling/vibration. Brakes. It seems to be in the 1800-2500 RPM range, under light to moderate acceleration. Another common problem that can cause shaking is when a brake caliper sticks on. I recently had a road trip to Seattle and the vibration got much worse while there. The brake rotors are the first thing to be checked when the steering wheel wobbles at the time of slowing down at highway speeds. Jack the car up, grab the tire with your hands at the 3 and 9 o'clock position, attempt to move the tire. i had it back to ford and they said it is nothing and is normal,i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Decided to call VW back, and had them look at it again. You'll see a rub mark on the boost tube from when the engine torques over and forces the tube into the booster if this is happening to yours. Lexus rear brake rotors. It brings the complete car to shake even the steering wheel will vibrate. Still others can be felt at specific speed ranges, and might disappear when you're going faster or slower. Dave. Some … read more Apr 07, 2016 · Honda - Accord :: 2012 - After Starting Slight Vibration At 16 - 18 Mph In The Gas Pedal. Feb 14, 2007 · Moderate vibration felt mainly in the steering wheel, glove box, brake pedal and seats. What I`m thinking is that since the only connection from the gas pedal to the engine is the throttle cable that the vibration must be coming through the cable. It snaps or bolts to the floor & is most likely a plastic bracket thats not all that rigid. It could be the beginning of tread seperation or slight out of balance on one tire. RPM is about 2000 so it good. It's a good idea to have some one hold the steering wheel as the steering wheel will move slightly even though it's locked. It's perceptible when I'm actually pushing down on the accelerator; I haven't fully characterized the behavior but I think it goes away if I'm just coasting / not apply any pressure on the gas pedal. With a manual transmission, you may feel but ignore a slight “chunk" when releasing the clutch in first or reverse. Only when touching the gas pedal. It is not a normal "acceleration feeling" so I am wondering what it could be. Apr 02, 2012 · (1)Engine vibration causes the accelerator cable or linkage to vibrate. ) It happens only when I am barely touching the gas pedal and maintaining a certain speed. The rubbing sound is consistent with the rotation of the tire itself and is on equal intervals between the sounds it speeds up as the speed increases as well. Try to isolate the vibration to what conditions it happens under and that could help TW diagnose it easier. 15 Nov 2007 Audi allroad - Vibration on accelerator pedal - I've been recently getting tingling vibration through the accelerator (aka gas pedal)- nothing  30 Apr 2020 As a tire rotates, any slight weight imbalance will turn into a small vibration. Q I love your awesome videos!!! I have a question. To re-create the vibration I need to get up to about 40mph until the tranny has shifted all the way to 5th and then ease onto the throttle. Does anybody else feel anything? With all other cars that I have driven, I don't feel anything via the gas pedal. 2012 Cruze LT 6 speed slight vibration in the gas pedal. The main issue I'm writing about is a shaking/grabbing/vibration I feel mostly from the body and car seat when I'm going 40mph or more with slight gas pressure on the pedal. You can feel it in the sterring wheel slightly also. is it something drive train related like a carrier bearing? I have a feeling its Jun 09, 2012 · After extensive time and effort on balancing/rotating tires etc, I found where the vibration issue with my Ford F150 is coming from beneath the truck. It's like a rumbling feeling. Allignment, new tires, tire rotation, and balancing does not fix the problem. 8. I have a vibration almost feels like a hum in the gas pedal when the vehicle is accelerating and you also feel it in the pedal when you are driving on a rough road. Sounds like your driveshaft universal joints could be going bad ,but might rule it out if your noise and vibration change with the steering wheel position. It gets so bad that my feet and sometimes hands will go numb. It doesn't take a lot to be responsible for Aug 20, 2016 · If I'm doing 70 it vibrates and feels like its kinda grogging down. I recently had a rental prius for a weeks, and had the same experience, although not as pronounced as my car. A week ago, it started making a slight click when the car reaches 30 mph. While accelerating/pressing the gas pedal I feel a slight vibration through the gas pedal and an ever so slight pinging feeling as well. If I let off the gas pedal, the vibration will stop. It is more noticeable on smooth roads. But w/ all the corks these trucks seem to have I had forgotten about that one till now. Nick May 12, 2016 · The most likely reason that you feel vibrations through the brake pedal is because a brake rotor — the rotating disc that the brake pads are pressed against by the calipers to slow the wheel — is The result of a lack of smooth engagement with the flywheel and pressure plate is chattering, vibration, and pulsation in the pedal. This vibration occurs only while idling; it goes away as soon as the car starts moving The vibration is felt with the gear in drive or reverse; it is less pronounced in neutral or park. When this happens you will experience a vibration through the steering wheel starting at 45 to 50 miles per hour. I have a similar vibration in the gas pedal, brake pedal, and foot well/floor. >I too have a slight vibration in the accelerator pedal, more noticeable the >harder I accelerate (mine is an 87 automatic). Worn tie rods, wheel bearings or ball joints can cause a vibration. i agree VERY slight, and occasional at low speed, vibration thru gas pedal figured it was normal vibration patterns assoc. Sep 05, 2015 · I have a 2011 v6 AWD Chevy traverse with 85k on it. Not sure what kind of warranty coverage you have, but if it came with warranties, maybe check back in with your dealer. Feel it in first gear and even on the interstate in sixth gear. It is not consistent. Ive had many cars, and never have i had a vibration from the pedal before. Last edited: May 9, 2012 Aug 17, 2018 · The brake rotors are the first thing to be checked when the steering wheel wobbles at the time of slowing down at highway speeds. Lucky wheel is missing paint and will be replaced by VW at no charge, intact 3 out of 4 wheels will be replaced. They suggested it may be cupped tires. It is ever so light (barely noticeable) and I thought it was all in my head until the wife drove my drunk ass home last night and mentioned it. But the vibration in gas pedal doesn't go away. If not, regardless of how new your tires are, check those first. Unfortunately, even after the work, it still I can tell you at least for my car, the gas pedal feels the same whether it's in EV or ICE mode. As soon as i give it gas and i feel it accelerate everything vibrates. 1. A low speed vibration could be the result of a loose flywheel. The buzzing might be the electric motor, as it gets colder dense air does transmit more sound. Oct 19, 2018 · These are drive by wire systems so there should only be two ways it's happening as I see it; either mechanical vibration transmitted to the pedal assembly, or electrical feedback into the potentiometer (or whatever's used) in the pedal. On the way down I noticed a slight vibration in my gas pedal at 73MPH along with what sounds like the front right tire rubbing on something. Mar 20, 2013 · When in 2500+ rpm i feel a slight vibration on the gas pedal recently. At higher speeds where the tire is rotating much faster, the  I feel a vibration in the steering wheel and gas pedal when I move the throttle just a bit off 0%, almost as if I was driving on rumble strips (not that  1 Sep 2018 A loose tire not only causes vibration but can also lead to major accidents. Its really hard to diagnose problems like this if you cant see something obviously bad. Prob #2 this sounds like a typical axle bearing in the rear end or possibly a side gear wearing out. I just had my clutch assembly replaced as well and it definitely reduced the vibration amplitude going through gas pedal + steering wheel. Feb 21, 2020 at 8:14 AM #6 If the vibration is not detectable in the steering wheel, it could also be due to defective engine mounts. Thinking about taking it back to the dealer, but because it's very slight, I'm 99% sure I'll get the ol' "Could not replicate" response. Dec 07, 2018 · A vibration that has a "sweet spot" at a certain speed range is a classic symptom of harmonic modulation caused by a small bend. its feel vibratewhen i release the gas pedal. The vibration from the line on the pipe echoing Hum in the front end of Z71 4X4 at 30 mph and above. Hey guys, Recently noticed a very slight vibration in the steering wheel and gas pedal, but just wondering if you guys have it tooI haven't driven on interstates in a while and just did a cross country trip and noticed itI took it to Ford and rode in it on the highway with a tech, and he said yeah that's totally normal, you probable just noticed it. This may be related to #1. The vibration is quite noticeable when speed is above 35mph. May 06, 2011 · When I am driving anywhere over 40mph and I completely let off the gas pedalI get this really loud rumbling noise and it shakes the jeep pretty good. It’s a really fast vibration that occurs at various speeds. It is an intermitent problem. I have a 2010 Honda Accord and I have the exact same problem! New right rear caliper, new rotors all around and new pads. Generally this will get worse as you put more miles on the tire. May 17, 2013 · Vibration 1 Answer. If I give it some gas to accelerate or lift off to slow down it goes away. If the issue is at startup, you might check your spark plugs, air filters or suspect the starter is going. Sep 20, 2015 · Basically, a slight vibration in the pedal is not normal but is only the very beginning stages of a possible exhaust problem, bad U-joint or bad wheel bearing. For a month or so I was getting a weird vibration in the GAS PEDAL. It doesn't do it in neutral. It seems to happen at all speeds. J. ) I would begin to suspect harmonic balancer may be failing. Gas pedal vibration, maybe the cause? DsmWRX02: Factory 2. Sometimes the vibration is more evident. But I would like to share my experience as I'm really sensitive to car vibrations and can figure out swiftly if a car vibrates. A soft, spongy feel in the brake pedal is a sure sign of a problem in the hydraulic system. It does not necessarily occur during shifting. Figure 4. Like if you were to hum and put your finger on your throat minus the sound. I have a 2018 F-150 3. I bought a 2010 toyota camry se. Car vibration is often overlooked, which can cause big issues. Glad I'm not the only one. Doesn't do it everyday. Also, I can feel the vibration is more than usual on the gas pedal. So I bought a Genesis G80 2017 3. That leads me back to the wheel bearings. Thought I noticed it when I bought the truck then didn't notice it for awhile. I can also feel this kind slight vibrations from the brak pedal and steering wheel. But what I'v really noticed is that the vibration seems to go away when your above 3K RPM's. Greasemonkey2012 · Registered Rough Idle until 1000rpm, slight vibration in gas pedal at 55mph/2000rpm on highway Hello all, I just purchased a 1988 560SEL from a private owner and drove the car home nearly 1500 miles. The vibration on the gas pedal is present at all speeds-worse at highway speeds. Replace the rotors with new ones if this is the problem. The front is completely stable and the vehicle does not vibrate or shake, its just feels on the gas pedal and especially when the traction battery low (2-3 bars). Its like a huge ps3 controller if you will. I sometimes get it & sometimes a slight vibration in the brake pedal after I hit a bump & get a slight jar. Its very mild and felt mostly in the seat. 0L Turbo) 8: 10-23-2004 11:35 AM: Anybody bend their brake or gas pedal to make heel/toe easier? Mike Wevrick: Transmission (AT/MT) & Driveline: 11: 08-03-2004 04:00 PM: gas pedal - excessive vibrations at high rpms. When driving the car at aro. When I rest my hand on the shift lever for the CVT it seems Jan 10, 2016 · I got a Sport 4x4 automatic in November and right away I noticed the strong buzzing vibration in the gas pedal and steering wheel when the truck was accelerating between 2,000-2,500 range. Why do my car's steering wheel and accelerator pedal shake and vibrate while I'm If my steering wheel is slightly bearing to the left when I drive straight, what is the problem? If you notice a vibration coming from the gas pedal there is a good chance that your vehicle is suffering from an exhaust leak. Oct 06, 2002 · Your msg stated that the excessive vibration stops when the vehicle is no longer under load and the vehicle is stationary. jcsfoz · Is it more a "thumping", slipping feel under light acceleration or vibration like the alignment is out of balance? If it feels like its coming through the drivetrain it could be something with the transfer case or front drive shaft. Note, this vibration will not occur on new MDX's due to the oil additives, but this is for only about 25-100 miles, depending on driving style. I took the car in to the dealer and had them balance the wheels and inspect/test drive to see problem. There is a slight vibration in the truck when driving. I have a slight vibration that is transmitted through the steering wheel and gas pedal at engine RPM in the 2200-2800 range. Sometimes you feel it slightly thru the steering and front floor pan. It did it with factory suspension and 4in lift also. This isn't normal; it's a worn u-joint. Other things will vibrate more than the gas pedal will and you will feel it at higher speeds without needing to accelerate. slight vibration in gas pedal

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